“It’s The Way You Make Me Feel!”

Inspire employees at all levels of your organization to take customer service to a whole new level.  Customer Service particularly in healthcare, is not only about having great technical ability.  Patients and families expect technical competence.  Your opportunity to create the WOW is in your ability to skillfully manage the customer’s experience.  It’s all about the way we make customers feel emotionally during the time they spend with us.  During this workshop or keynote address William will inspire your leaders and staff members to utilize:


The G.R.E.A.T. Service Standards:

Greet customers with a smile – Always greet customers with a smile (even on the phone) and ask “How may I help you?”

Respond to customer needs – Once the customer’s needs are known, provide assistance to the customer. If you are unable to assist the customer kindly escort them to someone who can.

Empathize with customer issues – If a customer has a complaint, apologize for the bad experience and seek to understand the customer’s concern.

Act on customer problems – Brainstorm solutions to resolve the customer’s problem; if possible give the customer options to choose from.

Thank the customer – Thank the customer for choosing to have services provided by the organization.

With the G.R.E.A.T. Service Standards William will help participants to understand the importance of:

  • Providing great service to both internal (fellow coworkers) and external customers
  • Greeting customers as we encounter them throughout the hospital
  • Easing patient’s anxiety by taking ample time to explain information regarding processes and wait time.
  • Avoiding complicated jargon when sharing information to patients make informed decisions
  • Soliciting customer feedback in order to correct potential problems
  • Respecting patient privacy and knocking before entering patient rooms
  • Safeguarding patient confidentiality and avoid making negative comments where patients can overhear
  • Practicing service recovery by really listening, apologizing and resolving any problems

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