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5 Essentials for Developing the Greatness Within You

By the end of this presentation participants will be inspired to discover and develop the greatness that is within.  Career aged participants will be equipped with wisdom principles outlined in William’s book The Young Man & The Mentor: Discovering 5 Essentials for Developing Greatness. The 5 Essentials are key concepts that will help the audience to increase their personal effectiveness.  Participants will explore the following:

Essential #1 Developing a Heart for Service
- Participants will learn how to serve their way to greatness by understanding the AIM Process for developing a career.

Essential #2 Developing Personal Vision
- Participants will learn to create the action steps required to convert dreams into clear vision with the use of SMART Goals

Essential #3 Developing Competence -
Participants will learn to use the TALENT Model to develop knowledge, skill, and experience they can offer to others in the marketplace and life.   

Essential #4 Developing Effective Communication Skills
- Participant will learn to skillfully interact with others in a way that generates positive results with the FEEL Concept

Essential #5 Developing Character Integrity
- Participants will learn the importance of making decisions in life (even under pressure), based on solid principles and values using the COMPASS Pattern of Behaviors.

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